Proactol Facts, Company Profile, User Feedback, Consumer Complaints & Comments

Proactol Facts, Company Profile, User Feedback, Consumer Complaints & Comments

Proactol Review – Facts, Company Profile, User Feedback, Consumer Complaints & Comments

Proactol ReviewWhat is Proactol?

Proactol is a fat binder supplement that claims to help you lose weight by binding almost 28% of the dietary fat. This reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed into the blood and therefore into the body. How valid is the official claim? Read the following User Feedback, comments and complains to find out.

How does Proactol work?

Proactol makes a binding of gel around the fat that’s in the food. This prevents the body from assimilating the dietary fat. The fat will go out of your body through the bowel movements.

To hold back your appetite, it produces a viscous solution with the bile acids. This will hold up the digestion and the absorption of glucose. You’ll feel full for a longer time, and as a consequence you will refrain from overeating.

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Company Info

Proactol Ltd, a UK based company, is the company behind Proactol™. The domain, ( was registered in 2006.

Recently it made an appearance in the Daily Express UK newspaper.

Product Specifications

Proactol™ is made from a 100% natural and organic plant extract Opuntia Ficus-Indica

Price: $89.95

Return Policy: 180 days

Feedback & Overview

Actual Customer Feedback:

These are unsolicited, unbiased, independent feedback, comments and reviews on Proactol supplements. We found them on various user blogs, forums, shopping sites, and social media sites. These people actually have used the products in the past and receive no incentives for their opinions. The testimonials are NOT obtained from the official website.

“For everyone diet pills works different. I’m using Proactol and can say they’re the best for me. I’ve tried before hodiaa, xenadrines… but without any result. I have loss 3kg in under a month which is very good :)
Excerpt from Proactol consumer’s feedback at Yahoo! Answers

“I’ve been taking proactol a few months now and it’s going really well, it works as a fat binder and is 100% natural.”
Portion of one of Proactol consumer reviews at forum

“I also tried proactol and was quite happy with it. I got a four month supply and in less than two months I’ve gone from 183lbs to 157lbs good stuff.”
Excerpt from customer’s proactol review at Yahoo! Answers

“I’ve used Proactol and I have to say that it’s wonderful when you have a full day job and no time to go to the gym. Helps to battle the scale.”
Excerpt from user’s Proactol review at forum

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EXPIR1 – 7% discount (Works with 2 & 3 month orders)

PROAC8 – 8% discount (Works with 4 and 5 month supply orders only)

PRIV5 – 5% discount (Works with 1 month supply)

Verdict: Does Proactol work?

According to our research based on user reviews, Proactol can help in weight loss by blocking fats. But, each person has a different body with different rates of metabolism. Therefore, The results wouldn’t be same for every one.

Our research revealed that there are more positive reviews of Proactol than negative ones. However, there were some complains of some side-effects. The side-effects were mainly digestion-related like constipation and diarrhea. Since these complains were few, we concluded that these could be because the reviewers had past history of disturbances in digestive system. it’s also advisable to drink plenty of water when taking Proactol pills.

Our conclusion is that Proactol is not a scam because the company is willing to stand by its product by offering 180 days money back guarantee. This time frame should be enough to find out if the slimming pill works for you.

Based on the consumers’ reviews our rating for this product is 5 stars, and we think it is definitely worth a try

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